Munroe Heart Center
Munroe Heart Center

Munroe Heart has an extraordinary record of achievement, with more experience and better results than any heart hospital from Gainesville to Orlando. Visit the Publications page to read the most recent Heart Report.

In August 2011, Munroe Regional Medical Center's cardiothoracic surgeons were listed in the September issue of Consumer Reports magazine as being one of five surgical groups in Florida rated above average for Open Heart surgery results based on data provided by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). Of the 324 groups reported there were only 81 surgical groups in the nation rated in the above average category.

Now for your convenience, Munroe Regional brings the best of Munroe Regional close to home to you in The Villages at Munroe Regional Medical Center in The Oaks at 138th.

In February 2008, Munroe Regional announced an exclusive partnership with four of the nation's top cardiothoracic surgeons and four cardiac anesthesiologists, who joined Munroe Regional's existing interventional cardiologists, to form Munroe Heart. These cardiologists have demonstrated success in providing the highest quality heart surgery in a compassionate and cost effective manner.

Munroe Heart can be described simply as a heart hospital within a hospital. Munroe Heart, combines a 25-year history of top quality heart care wiith nationally recognized cardiologists and state-of-the-art medical practice. Comprehensive cardiovascular services include a cardiovascular ICUheart surgerycardiac rehabilitation and cardiac catheterization.

Munroe Heart builds on Munroe Regional's standing as an award winning cardiovascular center of excellence. The heart hospital puts the medical center in a position to offer superior heart care to residents in north central Florida, as well as patients throughout the United States. The creation of Munroe Heart gives a name to both an existing program and to an evolving mission of cardiovascular excellence.