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The Fakhoury Medical and Chiropractic Center is a facility housing a unique model of multidisciplinary practices under one roof. We deal with and expertly treat pain of the back, neck, joints and headaches utilizing a team approach of medical and natural healthcare. 
Our facility is a one of a kind business, within this area, that allows a team approach of chiropractic,interventional medicine, acupuncture, massage, and rehab professionals to best select the treatment or combined treatments to help people in the process of recovering from their pain. Our specialty is in the treatment of traumatic injuries, such as accidents, where we have a board certified chiropractic orthopedist, a board certified physiatrist (medical doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehab), and board certified anesthesiologist with years of training in the most effective treatment of these traumatic accident type injuries.

If you are looking for top chiropractic care in the Ocala, FL area, look no further! Fakhoury Medical & Chiropractic Center has top chiropractors in Ocala ready to help you. If you need chiropractic care after an accident, please call our offices today so we can assist you. It is important to seek chiropractic care after an accident sooner, rather than later to help get you the care you need right away and also to avoid insurance denying your claim. Fakhoury Medical & Chiropractic Center are here to serve all of your chiropractic needs in Ocala, FL. 


If you are experiencing pain or are in a trauma related accident, we welcome you to the Fakhoury Medical and Chiropractic Center for a thorough evaluation and treatment by an attentive and caring staff, nurse practitioner and doctors.

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