Thrive Chiropractic
Thrive Chiropractic

We are a membership practice.

A membership practice means you pay a low monthly fee for unlimited care/access to our office during open hours. Our office is AFFORDABLE (plans starting at $90/month), CONVENIENT (appointments not necessary) and focused on providing the highest QUALITY of chiropractic care. We are the only membership practice in Ocala and Marion County.

After your initial consultation and evaluation, Dr. Brooke will perform a spinal analysis on every visit, to detect subluxation(s) (spinal misalignments), and if present she will specifically provide a chiropractic adjustment. The most important thing a chiropractor must know is WHEN to adjust, WHERE to adjust and WHEN NOT to adjust. Click here to find out the techniques Dr. Brooke uses.

Thrive Chiropractic is part of a Network of Chiropractors with a similar vision and mission. Have family in another state? Ask Dr. Brooke or Click on the map to the right to find a membership chiropractor for them. Going on vacation? Some of the chiropractors in the group offer "Reciprocity" for members of other Membership practices!

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